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About enterprise accounts

Learn how enterprise accounts enable scalability by simplifying administration and billing across multiple organizations.

What are enterprise accounts?

An enterprise account enables centralized management for multiple organizations.

Administrators for the enterprise account can:

  • View and manage enterprise membership
  • Manage billing and usage
  • Configure security, such as single sign-on, IP allow lists, SSH certificate authorities, and two-factor authentication
  • Stream audit and Git events data
  • Use internal repositories
  • Access features like GitHub Copilot Enterprise and Advanced Security
  • Enforce policies. See "About enterprise policies."

What if I use multiple deployment options?

If you use both GitHub Enterprise Cloud and GitHub Enterprise Server, you'll have an enterprise account for each.

For the most part, you will manage each enterprise account separately. For example, you will configure the policies and settings for your GitHub Enterprise Server instance using the enterprise account on GitHub Enterprise Server.

However, you can also use the enterprise account on GitHub Enterprise Cloud to view all license usage across all deployments. This allows you to ensure people with accounts in both environments only consume one user license. See "Syncing license usage between GitHub Enterprise Server and GitHub Enterprise Cloud."

What if I only use GitHub Enterprise Server?

Even if you only use GitHub Enterprise Server, we recommend creating an enterprise account on GitHub Enterprise Cloud. This will make it easier to contact GitHub Enterprise Support and share support bundles with them.

To create an additional enterprise account on GitHub Enterprise Cloud, contact GitHub's Sales team.

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