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Getting started with code security

Introduction to code security with GitHub Enterprise Server.

GitHub security features

An overview of GitHub security features.

Dependabot quickstart guide

You can use Dependabot to alert you when your repository is using a software dependency with a known vulnerability. This guide will help get you started on enabling Dependabot for a repository, and exploring reported alerts.

Quickstart for securing your repository

You can use a number of GitHub features to help keep your repository secure.

Quickstart for securing your organization

You can use a number of GitHub features to help keep your organization secure.

Adding a security policy to your repository

You can give instructions for how to report a security vulnerability in your project by adding a security policy to your repository.

Auditing security alerts

GitHub provides a variety of tools you can use to audit and monitor actions taken in response to security alerts.

Best practices for preventing data leaks in your organization

Learn guidance and recommendations to help you avoid private or sensitive data present in your organization from being exposed.