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You can learn about GitHub Enterprise Server and manage accounts and access, licenses, and billing.

For more information, or to purchase GitHub Enterprise, see GitHub Enterprise.

About GitHub for enterprises

Learn about GitHub's enterprise products and deployment options for GitHub Enterprise.

Setting up a trial of GitHub Enterprise Cloud

Learn how to set up a trial of GitHub Enterprise Cloud, what is included in the trial, and what happens when the trial ends.

About GitHub Enterprise Server

Find out if GitHub Enterprise Server is right for your business.

Setting up a trial of GitHub Enterprise Server

You can try GitHub Enterprise Server for free.

About upgrades to new releases

Learn about how features and bug fixes are added to GitHub Enterprise Server through new releases.

System overview

Learn more about GitHub Enterprise Server's system internals, functionality, and security.

About the GitHub Enterprise API

GitHub Enterprise Server supports REST and GraphQL APIs.

Best practices for enterprises

Learn GitHub-recommended practices for your enterprise.