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Managing discussions for your community

You can enable and configure GitHub Discussions for your repository, and you can use tools on GitHub Enterprise Cloud to moderate conversations among community members.

Managing discussions

You can categorize, spotlight, transfer, or delete the discussions.

Managing categories for discussions

You can categorize discussions to organize conversations for your community members, and you can choose a format for each category.

Moderating discussions

You can promote healthy collaboration by marking comments as answers, locking or unlocking discussions, converting issues to discussions, and editing or deleting comments, discussions, and categories that don't align with your community's code of conduct.

Viewing insights for your discussions

Discussions insights provide data about your discussions' activity, views, and contributors.

Creating discussion category forms

You can customize the templates that are available for community members to use when they open new discussions in your repository.

Syntax for discussion category forms

You can use YAML syntax to define the fields in your discussion category forms.