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Setting up GitHub Copilot for your organization

Follow these steps to set up GitHub Copilot in your organization.

Who can use this feature?

Organization owners

Organizations with a subscription to Copilot Enterprise or Copilot Business

1. Subscribe your organization to GitHub Copilot

Set up a subscription to Copilot Business for your organization. See "Subscribing to Copilot for your organization."

If your organization is part of an enterprise that has a Copilot Enterprise or Copilot Business subscription, your enterprise owner can instead enable Copilot for your organization.

2. Set policies

Control which Copilot features are available in your organization. See "Managing policies for Copilot in your organization."

3. Set up networking (if necessary)

If your organization members connect through an HTTP proxy server or firewall, ensure that these URLs are added to the allowlist for the proxy server or firewall.

You may also need to install custom SSL certificates on your members' machines. See "Configuring network settings for GitHub Copilot."

4. Grant access to members

Enable Copilot for some or all members of your organization. See "Granting access to Copilot for members of your organization."

To help drive adoption of Copilot in your organization, think about what teams or members are most excited about Copilot or could benefit the most from Copilot. You may want to enable Copilot for those members before enabling Copilot for your whole organization. This can help you discover blockers, demonstrate early success, and set your organization up for a successful Copilot rollout.

Alternatively, you can set up a self-serve workflow using the API. See "Add teams to the Copilot subscription for an organization" and "Add users to the Copilot subscription for an organization" in the REST API documentation.

5. Share onboarding material

  • Share onboarding material: Share onboarding material with each member that you granted Copilot access to. See "Setting up GitHub Copilot for yourself."
  • Encourage adoption: Encouragement from leadership can help drive adoption of Copilot in your organization. Consider messaging your support of Copilot and how it can help your organization.
  • Set up training sessions or workshops: Training sessions or workshops can help members learn how to use Copilot effectively.

6. Enhance the Copilot experience

Enhance the Copilot experience for your organization by:

7. Drive adoption

To help your organization get the most out of Copilot, reach out to users who have not used Copilot recently. (You can use the API to identify users who have not used Copilot recently.) To help those users, consider:

  • Sharing resources to help them get started, such as "Setting up GitHub Copilot for yourself" and "Prompt engineering for GitHub Copilot"
  • Learning about their barriers to using Copilot
  • Addressing any concerns they have about using Copilot
  • Giving them ideas for how to incorporate Copilot into their work
  • Pairing them with a mentor who can help them understand how to take advantage of Copilot