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您可以在 GitHub AE 上搜索包,并使用搜索限定符缩小结果范围。

Who can use this feature

Anyone can search for packages they have access to.


您可以在所有 GitHub AE 中全局搜索包,也可以在特定组织内搜索包。 有关详细信息,请参阅“关于在 GitHub 中搜索”。


  • This article contains links to example searches on the website, but you can use the same search filters with GitHub AE. In the linked example searches, replace with the hostname for your enterprise.
  • For a list of search syntaxes that you can add to any search qualifier to further improve your results, see "Understanding the search syntax".
  • Use quotations around multi-word search terms. For example, if you want to search for issues with the label "In progress," you'd search for label:"in progress". Search is not case sensitive.


要查找特定用户或组织拥有的包,请使用 userorg 限定符。

user:USERNAMEuser:codertocat 匹配 @codertocat 所拥有的包
org:ORGNAMEorg:github 匹配 GitHub 组织所拥有的包


要按包是公共还是专用来筛选搜索,请使用 is 限定符。

is:publicis:public angular 匹配含有文字“angular”的公共包
is:privateis:private php 匹配含有文字“php”的专用包