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Rate limits for GitHub Apps

GitHub 应用程序 和 OAuth 应用程序 的速率限制有助于控制 您的企业 的流量。

Note: You can confirm your current rate limit status at any time. For more information, see "Checking your rate limit status."

Server-to-server requests

GitHub 应用程序 making server-to-server requests use the installation's minimum rate limit of 5,000 requests per hour. If an application is installed on an organization with more than 20 users, the application receives another 50 requests per hour for each user. Installations that have more than 20 repositories receive another 50 requests per hour for each repository. The maximum rate limit for an installation is 12,500 requests per hour.

User-to-server requests

GitHub 应用程序 and OAuth 应用程序 can also act on behalf of a user, making user-to-server requests after the user authorizes the app. For more information, see "Authorizing GitHub 应用程序" and "Authorizing OAuth 应用程序."

User-to-server requests from OAuth 应用程序 are authenticated with an OAuth token. User-to-server requests from GitHub 应用程序 are authenticated with either an OAuth token or an expiring user access token. For more information, see "Identifying and authorizing users for GitHub 应用程序" and "Authorizing OAuth 应用程序."

User-to-server requests are limited to 15,000 requests per hour and per authenticated user. All requests from OAuth applications authorized by a user or a personal access token owned by the user, and requests authenticated with any of the user's authentication credentials, share the same quota of 15,000 requests per hour for that user.

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