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About Dependabot alerts

GitHub Enterprise Server sends Dependabot 警报 when we detect that your repository uses a vulnerable dependency.

About Dependabot 警报

Dependabot 警报 tell you that your code depends on a package that is insecure.

If your code depends on a package with a security vulnerability, this can cause a range of problems for your project or the people who use it. You should upgrade to a secure version of the package as soon as possible.

更多信息请参阅“浏览 GitHub Advisory Database 中的安全通告”。

Detection of insecure dependencies

Dependabot performs a scan to detect insecure dependencies, and sends Dependabot 警报 when:

  • New advisory data is synchronized to 您的 GitHub Enterprise Server 实例 each hour from 更多信息请参阅“浏览 GitHub Advisory Database 中的安全通告”。

    Note: Only advisories that have been reviewed by GitHub will trigger Dependabot 警报.

  • The dependency graph for a repository changes. For example, when a contributor pushes a commit to change the packages or versions it depends on. For more information, see "About the dependency graph."

此外,GitHub 可以查看针对存储库的默认分支发出的拉取请求中添加、更新或删除的任何依赖项,并标记任何会降低项目安全性的更改。 这可让您在有漏洞的依赖项 到达您的代码库之前(而不是之后)发现和处理它们。 更多信息请参阅“审查拉取请求中的依赖项更改”。

For a list of the ecosystems that GitHub Enterprise Server detects insecure dependencies in, see "Supported package ecosystems."

Note: It is important to keep your manifest and lock files up to date. If the dependency graph doesn't accurately reflect your current dependencies and versions, then you could miss alerts for insecure dependencies that you use. You may also get alerts for dependencies that you no longer use.

Configuration of Dependabot 警报

Enterprise owners must enable Dependabot 警报 for 您的 GitHub Enterprise Server 实例 before you can use this feature. For more information, see "Enabling Dependabot for your enterprise."

When GitHub Enterprise Server identifies a vulnerable dependency, we generate a Dependabot alert and display it on the Security tab for the repository and in the repository's dependency graph. The alert includes a link to the affected file in the project, and information about a fixed version. GitHub Enterprise Server may also notify the maintainers of affected repositories about the new alert according to their notification preferences. For more information, see "Configuring notifications for Dependabot 警报."

For repositories where Dependabot 安全更新 are enabled, the alert may also contain a link to a pull request to update the manifest or lock file to the minimum version that resolves the vulnerability. For more information, see "About Dependabot 安全更新."

Note: GitHub Enterprise Server's security features do not claim to catch all vulnerabilities. We actively maintain GitHub Advisory Database and generate alerts with the most up-to-date information. However, we cannot catch everything or tell you about known vulnerabilities within a guaranteed time frame. These features are not substitutes for human review of each dependency for potential vulnerabilities or any other issues, and we recommend consulting with a security service or conducting a thorough dependency review when necessary.

Access to Dependabot 警报

You can see all of the alerts that affect a particular project in the repository's dependency graph. For more information, see "Viewing and updating Dependabot 警报."

By default, we notify people with admin permissions in the affected repositories about new Dependabot 警报.

要接收有关存储库上 Dependabot 警报 的通知,您需要关注这些存储库,并订阅接收“所有活动”通知或配置自定义设置以包含“安全警报”。 更多信息请参阅“配置单个仓库的关注设置”。

您可以选择通知的传递方式,以及向您发送通知的频率。 For more information, see "Configuring notifications for Dependabot 警报."

You can also see all the Dependabot 警报 that correspond to a particular advisory in the GitHub Advisory Database. 更多信息请参阅“浏览 GitHub Advisory Database 中的安全通告”。

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