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Migrating data to and from your enterprise

You can export user, organization, and repository data from GitHub Enterprise Server or, then import that data into your GitHub Enterprise Server instance.
  • About migrations

    A migration is the process of transferring data from a source location (either a organization or a GitHub Enterprise Server instance) to a target GitHub Enterprise Server instance. Migrations can be used to transfer your data when changing platforms or upgrading hardware on your instance.

  • Exporting migration data from your enterprise

    To change platforms or move from a trial instance to a production instance, you can export migration data from a GitHub Enterprise Server instance by preparing the instance, locking the repositories, and generating a migration archive.

  • 从 导出迁移数据

    您可以使用 API 选择要迁移的创建,然后生成可导入到 GitHub Enterprise Server 实例的迁移存档,从而从 上的组织导出迁移数据。

  • 准备将数据迁移到企业

    生成迁移存档后,您可以将数据导入目标 GitHub Enterprise Server 实例。 在将变更永久应用到目标实例之前,您需要检查变更,查看有无潜在的冲突。

  • Migrating data to your enterprise

    After generating a migration archive, you can import the data to your target GitHub Enterprise Server instance. You'll be able to review changes for potential conflicts before permanently applying the changes to your target instance.

  • 从第三方版本控制系统导入数据

    使用工具的 git-import 套件,您可以将数据从 Subversion、Mercurial 和 Team Foundation Version Control 导入 GitHub Enterprise Server 上的 Git 仓库。