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Access permissions on GitHub

With roles, you can control who has access to your accounts and resources on GitHub Enterprise Server and the level of access each person has.

About access permissions on GitHub

若要对 GitHub 执行任何操作,例如在存储库中创建拉取请求或更改组织的计费设置,用户必须具有对相关帐户或资源的足够访问权限。 此访问由权限控制。 权限是执行特定操作的能力。 例如,删除问题的能力是一种权限。 角色是你可以分配给个人或团队的一组权限。

Roles work differently for different types of accounts. For more information about accounts, see "Types of GitHub accounts."

Personal accounts

A repository owned by a personal account has two permission levels: the repository owner and collaborators. For more information, see "Permission levels for a personal account repository."

Organization accounts

Organization members can have owner or member roles. Owners have complete administrative access to your organization. Member is the default role for everyone else. You can manage access permissions for multiple members at a time with teams. For more information, see:

Enterprise accounts

Enterprise owners have ultimate power over the enterprise account and can take every action in the enterprise account. Billing managers can manage your enterprise account's billing settings. Members and outside collaborators of organizations owned by your enterprise account are automatically members of the enterprise account, although they have no access to the enterprise account itself or its settings. For more information, see "Roles in an enterprise."

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