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Viewing the vulnerability data for your enterprise

You can view vulnerability data from the GitHub Advisory Database on 您的 GitHub Enterprise Server 实例.

Site administrators can view vulnerability data on 您的 GitHub Enterprise Server 实例.

If Dependabot 警报 are enabled for your enterprise, you can view all vulnerabilities that were downloaded to 您的 GitHub Enterprise Server 实例 from the GitHub Advisory Database.

You can manually sync vulnerability data from to update the list.

Before you can view vulnerability data, you must enable Dependabot 警报. For more information, see "Enabling Dependabot for your enterprise."

  1. 从 GitHub Enterprise Server 上的管理帐户中,在任何页面的右上角,单击


  2. 如果您尚未进入“站点管理员”页面,请在左上角单击 Site admin(站点管理员)

    "站点管理员" 链接的屏幕截图

  3. In the left sidebar, click Vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities tab in the site admin sidebar

  4. To sync vulnerability data, click Sync Vulnerabilities now. Sync vulnerabilities now button