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Conditions for large files

GitHub Enterprise Server limits the size of files allowed in repositories, and will block a push to a repository if the files are larger than the maximum file limit.


提示: 如果您经常推送大型文件到 your GitHub Enterprise Server instance,请考虑使用 Git Large File Storage (Git LFS) 。 更多信息请参阅“大型文件版本管理”。

Warning for files larger than 50 MB

If you attempt to add or update a file that is larger than 50 MB, you will receive a warning from Git. The changes will still successfully push to your repository, but you can consider removing the commit to minimize performance impact. For more information, see "Removing files from a repository's history."

Blocked pushes for large files

By default, GitHub Enterprise Server blocks pushes that exceed 100 MB. However, a site administrator can configure a different limit for your GitHub Enterprise Server instance. For more information, see "Setting Git push limits".


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