About licenses for GitHub Enterprise

If you deploy GitHub Enterprise Server in addition to using GitHub Enterprise Cloud, each GitHub Enterprise Server instance requires a license file to validate and unlock the application.

About license files for GitHub Enterprise

GitHub Enterprise offers two deployment options. In addition to GitHub Enterprise Cloud, you can use GitHub Enterprise Server to host development work for your enterprise in your data center or a supported cloud. For more information, see "GitHub's products."

When you purchase or renew GitHub Enterprise, GitHub provides a license file for your deployments of GitHub Enterprise Server. A license file has an expiration date and controls the number of people who can use 您的 GitHub Enterprise Server 实例. After you download and install GitHub Enterprise Server, you must upload the license file to unlock the application for you to use.

For more information about downloading your license file, see "Downloading your license for GitHub Enterprise." For more information about uploading your license file, see "Uploading a new license to GitHub Enterprise Server" in the GitHub Enterprise Server documentation.

If your license expires, you won't be able to access GitHub Enterprise Server via a web browser or Git. 需要时,您可以使用命令行实用程序备份所有数据。 For more information, see "Configuring backups on your appliance" in the GitHub Enterprise Server documentation.

如对续订许可有任何疑问,请联系 GitHub' 销售团队

About synchronization of license usage for GitHub Enterprise

You can allocate the user count for your GitHub Enterprise license to members of both 您的 GitHub Enterprise Server 实例 and an enterprise account on GitHub Enterprise Cloud. When you add a user to either environment, the user will consume one license. If a user has accounts in both environments, to consume only one license, the user's primary email address on 您的 GitHub Enterprise Server 实例 must be the same as the user's verified email address on GitHub.com. 您可以在两种环境之间同步许可数和使用情况。 For more information, see "Syncing license usage between GitHub Enterprise Server and GitHub Enterprise Cloud" in the GitHub Enterprise Server documentation.





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