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部署到 Amazon Elastic Container Service

您可以部署到 Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS),作为持续部署 (CD) 工作流程的一部分。


本指南介绍如何使用 GitHub Actions 构建容器化应用程序,将其推送到 Amazon 弹性容器注册表 (ECR),以及要推送到 main 分支时将其部署到 Amazon 弹性容器服务 (ECS)

在每次推送到 GitHub 存储库中的 main 时,GitHub Actions 工作流将生成新的容器映像并将其推送到 Amazon ECR,然后将新的任务定义部署到 Amazon ECS。

注意:如果 GitHub Actions 工作流需要访问支持 OpenID Connect (OIDC) 的云提供商提供的资源,则可以将工作流配置为直接向云提供商进行身份验证。 这样就可以停止将这些凭据存储为长期存在的机密,并提供其他安全优势。 有关详细信息,请参阅“关于使用 OpenID Connect 进行安全强化” 和“在 Amazon Web Services 中配置 OpenID Connect”。


在创建 GitHub Actions 工作流程之前,首先需要对 Amazon ECR 和 ECS 完成以下设置步骤:

  1. 创建 Amazon ECR 仓库以存储映像。

    例如,使用 AWS CLI

        --repository-name MY_ECR_REPOSITORY \
        --region MY_AWS_REGION

    Ensure that you use the same Amazon ECR repository name (represented here by MY_ECR_REPOSITORY) for the ECR_REPOSITORY variable in the workflow below.

    Ensure that you use the same AWS region value for the AWS_REGION (represented here by MY_AWS_REGION) variable in the workflow below.

  2. Create an Amazon ECS task definition, cluster, and service.

    For details, follow the Getting started wizard on the Amazon ECS console, or the Getting started guide in the Amazon ECS documentation.

    Ensure that you note the names you set for the Amazon ECS service and cluster, and use them for the ECS_SERVICE and ECS_CLUSTER variables in the workflow below.

  3. Store your Amazon ECS task definition as a JSON file in your GitHub repository.

    The format of the file should be the same as the output generated by:

    aws ecs register-task-definition --generate-cli-skeleton

    Ensure that you set the ECS_TASK_DEFINITION variable in the workflow below as the path to the JSON file.

    Ensure that you set the CONTAINER_NAME variable in the workflow below as the container name in the containerDefinitions section of the task definition.

  4. Create GitHub Actions secrets named AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY to store the values for your Amazon IAM access key.

    For more information on creating secrets for GitHub Actions, see "Encrypted secrets."

    See the documentation for each action used below for the recommended IAM policies for the IAM user, and methods for handling the access key credentials.

  5. Optionally, configure a deployment environment. 环境用于描述常规部署目标,例如 productionstagingdevelopment。 当 GitHub Actions 工作流部署到某个环境时,该环境将显示在存储库的主页上。 你可以使用环境来要求批准才能继续作业,限制哪些分支可以触发工作流,或限制对机密的访问。 有关创建环境的详细信息,请参阅“使用环境进行部署”。

Creating the workflow

Once you've completed the prerequisites, you can proceed with creating the workflow.

The following example workflow demonstrates how to build a container image and push it to Amazon ECR. It then updates the task definition with the new image ID, and deploys the task definition to Amazon ECS.

Ensure that you provide your own values for all the variables in the env key of the workflow.

如果配置了部署环境,请将 environment 的值更改为环境的名称。 如果未配置环境 ,或者如果工作流位于专用存储库中并且你未使用 GitHub Enterprise Cloud,请删除 environment 密钥。

# <a name="this-workflow-uses-actions-that-are-not-certified-by-github"></a>此工作流使用未经 GitHub 认证的操作。
# <a name="they-are-provided-by-a-third-party-and-are-governed-by"></a>它们由第三方提供,并受
# <a name="separate-terms-of-service-privacy-policy-and-support"></a>单独的服务条款、隐私政策和支持
# <a name="documentation"></a>文档。

# <a name="github-recommends-pinning-actions-to-a-commit-sha"></a>GitHub 建议将操作固定到提交 SHA。
# <a name="to-get-a-newer-version-you-will-need-to-update-the-sha"></a>若要获取较新版本,需要更新 SHA。
# <a name="you-can-also-reference-a-tag-or-branch-but-the-action-may-change-without-warning"></a>还可以引用标记或分支,但该操作可能会更改而不发出警告。

name: Deploy to Amazon ECS

      - main

  AWS_REGION: MY_AWS_REGION                   # set this to your preferred AWS region, e.g. us-west-1
  ECR_REPOSITORY: MY_ECR_REPOSITORY           # set this to your Amazon ECR repository name
  ECS_SERVICE: MY_ECS_SERVICE                 # set this to your Amazon ECS service name
  ECS_CLUSTER: MY_ECS_CLUSTER                 # set this to your Amazon ECS cluster name
  ECS_TASK_DEFINITION: MY_ECS_TASK_DEFINITION # set this to the path to your Amazon ECS task definition
                                               # file, e.g. .aws/task-definition.json
  CONTAINER_NAME: MY_CONTAINER_NAME           # set this to the name of the container in the
                                               # containerDefinitions section of your task definition

    name: Deploy
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    environment: production

      - name: Checkout
        uses: actions/checkout@v3

      - name: Configure AWS credentials
        uses: aws-actions/configure-aws-credentials@13d241b293754004c80624b5567555c4a39ffbe3
          aws-access-key-id: ${{ secrets.AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID }}
          aws-secret-access-key: ${{ secrets.AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY }}
          aws-region: ${{ env.AWS_REGION }}

      - name: Login to Amazon ECR
        id: login-ecr
        uses: aws-actions/amazon-ecr-login@aaf69d68aa3fb14c1d5a6be9ac61fe15b48453a2

      - name: Build, tag, and push image to Amazon ECR
        id: build-image
          ECR_REGISTRY: ${{ steps.login-ecr.outputs.registry }}
          IMAGE_TAG: ${{ github.sha }}
        run: |
          # Build a docker container and
          # push it to ECR so that it can
          # be deployed to ECS.
          docker build -t $ECR_REGISTRY/$ECR_REPOSITORY:$IMAGE_TAG .
          echo "::set-output name=image::$ECR_REGISTRY/$ECR_REPOSITORY:$IMAGE_TAG"

      - name: Fill in the new image ID in the Amazon ECS task definition
        id: task-def
        uses: aws-actions/amazon-ecs-render-task-definition@97587c9d45a4930bf0e3da8dd2feb2a463cf4a3a
          task-definition: ${{ env.ECS_TASK_DEFINITION }}
          container-name: ${{ env.CONTAINER_NAME }}
          image: ${{ }}

      - name: Deploy Amazon ECS task definition
        uses: aws-actions/amazon-ecs-deploy-task-definition@de0132cf8cdedb79975c6d42b77eb7ea193cf28e
          task-definition: ${{ steps.task-def.outputs.task-definition }}
          service: ${{ env.ECS_SERVICE }}
          cluster: ${{ env.ECS_CLUSTER }}
          wait-for-service-stability: true


对于原始初学者工作流,请参阅 GitHub Actions starter-workflows 存储库中的 aws.yml