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Настройка электронной почты для получения уведомлений

To make it easy for users to respond quickly to activity on GitHub AE, you can configure your enterprise to send email notifications for issue, pull request, and commit comments.

Кто может использовать эту функцию.

Enterprise owners can configure email for notifications.

Configuring SMTP for your enterprise

  1. In the top-right corner of GitHub Enterprise Server, click your profile photo, then click Enterprise settings.

    Screenshot of the drop-down menu that appears when you click the profile photo on GitHub Enterprise Server. The "Enterprise settings" option is highlighted in a dark orange outline.

  2. In the enterprise account sidebar, click Settings.

  3. Under Settings, click Email.

  4. Select Enable email.

  5. Type the settings for your email server.

    • In the Server address field, type the address of your SMTP server.
    • In the Port field, type the port that your SMTP server uses to send email.
    • In the Domain field, type the domain name that your SMTP server will send with a HELO response, if any.
    • Select the Authentication dropdown, and choose the type of encryption used by your SMTP server.
    • In the No-reply email address field, type the email address to use in the From and To fields for all notification emails.
  6. If you want to discard all incoming emails that are addressed to the no-reply email address, select Discard email addressed to the no-reply email address.

  7. Click Test email settings.

  8. Under "Send test email to," type the email address where you want to send a test email, then click Send test email.

  9. Click Save.

Contact support

You can contact GitHub Support for help configuring email for notifications to be sent through your SMTP server. For more information, see "Contacting GitHub Support."