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Atualmente o GitHub AE está em versão limitada.

Gerenciar usuários inativos

Por padrão, uma conta de usuário é considerada inativa se não está ativa por 90 dias. Você pode configurar o período durante o qual um usuário precisa estar inativo para ser considerado inativo.

About dormant users

A user is considered active if the user has performed any of the following activities on GitHub AE.

  • Signing into your enterprise
  • Creating a repository
  • Pushing to a repository via HTTPS
  • Being added to a repository
  • Changing the visibility of a repository
  • Creating an issue or pull request
  • Commenting on an issue or pull request
  • Closing or reopening an issue or pull request
  • Applying a label to an issue or pull request, or removing a label
  • Assigning or unassigning an issue or pull request
  • Requesting a review of a pull request, or removing a review request
  • Creating or editing a comment in a pull request review
  • Dismissing a comment in a pull request
  • Synchronizing a pull request
  • Commenting on a commit
  • Publishing a release
  • Pushing to a wiki
  • Watching a repository
  • Starring a repository
  • Deleting a repository
  • Joining an organization

Pushing to a repository via SSH does not affect a user's dormancy.

A user account is considered to be dormant if the user hasn't performed any of the previous activities in the past 90 days.

Dormancy applies to both enterprise members and outside collaborators.

Viewing dormant users

You can view a list of all dormant users who have not been suspended and who are not site administrators.

  1. From an administrative account on GitHub AE, in the upper-right corner of any page, click .
  2. If you're not already on the "Site admin" page, in the upper-left corner, click Site admin.
  3. In the left sidebar, click Dormant users.