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Renaming a codespace

You can use the GitHub CLI to change the codespace display name to one of your choice.

Os GitHub Codespaces estão disponíveis para organizações que usam o GitHub Team ou o GitHub Enterprise Cloud. GitHub Codespaces também está disponível como uma versão beta limitado para usuários individuais nos planos GitHub Free e GitHub Pro. Para obter mais informações, confira "produtos de GitHub".

About renaming a codespace

Each codespace is assigned an auto-generated display name. If you have multiple codespaces, the display name helps you to differentiate between codespaces. For example: literate space parakeet. You can change the display name for your codespace.

To find the display name of a codespace:

  • On GitHub, view your list of codespaces at

    Screenshot of the list of codespaces in GitHub

  • In the Visual Studio Code desktop application, or the VS Code web client, click the Remote Explorer. The display name is shown below the repository name. For example: symmetrical space telegram in the screenshot below.

    Screenshot of the Remote Explorer in VS Code

    Note: If the Remote Explorer is not displayed in the Activity Bar:

    1. Access the Command Palette. For example, by pressing Shift+Command+P (Mac) / Ctrl+Shift+P (Windows/Linux).
    2. Type: codespaces.
    3. Click Codespaces: Details.
  • In a terminal window on your local machine, use this GitHub CLI command: gh codespace list.

Permanent codespace names

In addition to the display name, when you create a codespace, a permanent name is also assigned to the codespace. The name is a combination of your GitHub handle, the repository name, and some random characters. For example: octocat-myrepo-gmc7. You can't change this name.

To find the permanent name of a codespace:

  • On GitHub, the permanent name is shown in a pop-up when you hover over the Open in browser option on

    Screenshot of the codespace name shown on hover over

  • In a codespace, use this command in the terminal: echo $CODESPACE_NAME.

  • In a terminal window on your local machine, use this GitHub CLI command: gh codespace list.

Renaming a codespace

Changing the display name of a codespace can be useful if you have multiple codespaces that you will be using for an extended period. An appropriate name helps you identify a codespace that you use for a particular purpose. You can change the display name for your codespace by using the GitHub CLI.

To rename a codespace, use the gh codespace edit subcommand:


In this example, replace permanent name of the codespace with the permanent name of the codespace. Replace new display name with the desired display name.