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GitHub Sponsors에 대한 청구 정보

나머지 유료 제품 및 기능과 함께 스폰서쉽에 대한 요금이 청구됩니다.

You can sponsor anyone with a sponsored developer profile or sponsored organization profile on behalf of your personal account or an organization. You can choose from multiple sponsorship tiers, with one-time or monthly payment amounts and benefits that are set by the sponsored account. Your sponsorship will share your account’s existing billing date, payment method, and receipt.

GitHub Sponsors does not charge any fees for sponsorships from personal accounts, so 100% of these sponsorships go to the sponsored developer or organization. GitHub Sponsors charges a fee of up to 6% for sponsorships from organization accounts. The 6% fee is split between the following:

  • 3% credit card processing fee
  • 3% GitHub service processing fee

Organizations can save the 3% credit card processing fee by switching to invoiced billing for sponsorships. For more information, see "Paying for GitHub Sponsors by invoice."

To view all the subscriptions for your account on, see "Viewing your subscriptions and billing date."

You must manage billing settings and paid features for each of your accounts separately. You can switch between settings for your personal account, organization accounts, and enterprise accounts using the context switcher on each settings page. For more information, see "About billing on GitHub."

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