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現在、GitHub AE は限定的リリースです。

Configuring code scanning with CodeQL at scale

You can use a script to configure code scanning for a specific group of repositories in your organization.

Code scanning は、GitHub AE の Organization 所有のリポジトリで利用できます。 これは GitHub Advanced Security の機能です (ベータ リリース中は無料)。 詳しくは、「GitHub Advanced Security について」を参照してください。

About configuring code scanning with CodeQL at scale

To configure code scanning across multiple repositories, you can write a bulk configuration script. To successfully execute the script, GitHub Actions must be enabled for the organization or enterprise.

Using a script to configure code scanning

  1. Identify a group of repositories that can be analyzed using the same code scanning configuration. For example, all repositories that build Java artifacts using the production environment.
  2. Create and test a GitHub Actions workflow to call the CodeQL action with the appropriate configuration. For more information, see "Configuring code scanning."
  3. Use one of the example scripts create a custom script to add the workflow to each repository in the group.