Applying for publisher verification for your organization

To offer paid plans for your app or to include a marketplace badge in your app listing, you must complete the publisher verification process for your organization.

Publisher verification ensures that GitHub has a way to contact you, that you've enabled two-factor authentication for your organization, and that your organization's domain has been verified.

Once your organization has been verified, you can publish paid plans for your app. For information, see "Setting pricing plans for your listing."

To offer paid plans for your app, the app must be owned by an organization and you must have owner permissions in the organization. If your app is currently owned by a user account, you'll need to transfer the ownership of the app to an organization. For more information, see "Transferring ownership of a GitHub App" or "Transferring ownership of an OAuth App."

Requesting publisher verification

  1. GitHubの右上で、プロフィール写真をクリックし、続いてYour organizations(あなたのOrganization)をクリックしてください。 プロフィールメニューのあなたのOrganization

  2. Organizationの隣のSettings(設定)をクリックしてください。 設定ボタン

  3. 左サイドバーで [Developer settings] をクリックします。 Developer settings option in the organization settings sidebar

  4. Under "Developer settings", click Publisher Verification. Publisher verification option in the organization settings sidebar

  5. Under "Publisher Verification", complete the information in the checklist:

    • Ensure that your basic profile information is present and accurate. Also, make sure that you've included the best email address for support and updates from GitHub.
    • Ensure that Two-factor authentication is enabled for your organization. 詳しい情報については Organization で 2 要素認証を要求するを参照してください。
    • Submit a verified domain and ensure that a "Verified" badge displays on your organization's profile page. For related information, see "Verifying or approving a domain for your organization."

    Publisher Verification checklist

  6. Click Request Verification. GitHub will review your details and let you know once your publisher verification is complete.


For information about the process of publishing apps, see "About GitHub Marketplace."



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