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Using GitHub Copilot in Codespaces

You can use Copilot in Codespaces by adding the extension.

Codespaces is available for organizations using GitHub Team or GitHub Enterprise Cloud. 詳しい情報については「GitHubの製品」を参照してください。

GitHub Copilotを使用する

GitHub Copilot, an AI pair programmer, can be used in any codespace. To start using Copilot in Codespaces, install the Copilot extension from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

To include Copilot, or other extensions, in all of your codespaces, enable Settings Sync. 詳しい情報については、「アカウントの Codespaces をパーソナライズする」を参照してください。 Additionally, to include Copilot in a given project for all users, you can specify GitHub.copilot as an extension in your devcontainer.json file. For information about configuring a devcontainer.json file, see "Introduction to dev containers."