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Canceling an invitation to become an outside collaborator in your organization

You can cancel all invitations for a person to become an outside collaborator on repositories owned by your organization.

Who can use this feature

Organization owners can cancel an invitation to become an outside collaborator in the organization.

You can view a list of all people with pending invitations to become an outside collaborator on any repository owned by your organization.

For each pending collaborator, you can cancel all invitations to join organization repositories at the same time.

  1. Dans l’angle supérieur droit de, cliquez sur votre photo de profil, puis sur Vos organisations. Vos organisations dans le menu Profil
  2. Cliquez sur le nom de votre organisation. Nom de l’organisation dans la liste des organisations
  3. Sous le nom de votre organisation, cliquez sur Personnes. Onglet Personnes
  4. Sous l’onglet « Personnes », cliquez sur Collaborateurs externes. Bouton permettant de sélectionner des collaborateurs externes pour une organisation
  5. Click X pending collaborators. "Pending collaborators" button
  6. To the right of the person you want to cancel invitations for, click Cancel invitations. "Cancel invitation" button
  7. Click Cancel invitations for pending collaborators. Button to confirm cancellation