Adding a pull request to the merge queue

If merge queues are enabled for the repository, you can add your pull requests to the merge queue once all the required checks have passed. GitHub will merge the pull requests for you.

Note: The pull request merge queue feature is currently in limited public beta and subject to change. Organizations owners can request early access to the beta by joining the waitlist.

About pull request merge queue

If repository administrators enable merge queues for pull requests targeting selected branches within a repository, contributors to these branches can add their pull requests to a merge queue once the required checks have passed.

GitHub will process the merge queue, and will merge the pull requests on your behalf if you're a contributor, by fast-forwarding the default branch.

For more information about merge queues, see "Using a merge queue."

Adding a pull request to the merge queue

  1. En, visita la página principal del repositorio.

  2. Debajo del nombre de tu repositorio, da clic en Solicitudes de cambios.

    Selección de la pestaña de propuestas y solicitudes de extracción

  3. In the "Pull Requests" list, click the pull request you'd like to add to the merge queue.

  4. Click Add to merge queue to add your pull request to the merge queue. This enables the default Queue and merge in a group option. Alternatively, you can:

    • Add your pull request to the front of the queue by selecting the Add to merge queue drop down menu, and clicking Jump the queue (only available to repository maintainers and administrators).
    • Directly merge your pull request by selecting the Add to merge queue drop down menu, and clicking Directly merge (only available to repository administrators). Merge queue options

    Tip: The Add to merge queue button is only enabled once the pull request meets all the review/approval and status check requirements.

  5. Confirm you want to add the pull request to the merge queue by clicking Confirm add to merge queue. GitHub adds the pull request to the merge queue and will merge it for you.

Viewing the merge queue

You can view the merge queue in various places on GitHub.

  • On the Branches page for the repository. We recommend you use this route if you don't have or don't know about a pull request already in the queue, and if you want to see what's in the queue. For more information, see "Viewing branches in your repository."

    View merge queue in Branches page

  • On the Pull requests page of your repository, click .

    View merge queue on Pull requests page

  • On your pull request, scroll down to the section with the checks, and click View merge queue.

    View Merge queue button on pull request

The merge queue view shows the pull requests that are currently in the queue, with your pull requests clearly marked.

Merge queue view

Handling pull requests removed from the merge queue

If there are failed status checks or conflicts with the base branch, GitHub will remove the pull request from the queue. The pull request timeline will display the reason why the pull request has been removed from the queue.

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