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Opening an issue from a comment

You can open a new issue from a specific comment in an issue or pull request.

People with read permissions can create an issue in a repository where issues are enabled.

When you open an issue from a comment, the issue contains a snippet showing where the comment was originally posted.

Repository administrators can disable issues for a repository. For more information, see "Disabling issues."

  1. Navigate to the comment you'd like to open an issue from.

  2. In that comment, click .

    Kebab button in pull request review comment

  3. Click Reference in new issue.

    Reference in new issue menu item

  4. Use the "Repository" drop-down menu, and select the repository you want to open the issue in.

    Repository dropdown for new issue

  5. Type a descriptive title and body for the issue.

    Title and body for new issue

  6. Click Create issue.

    Button to create new issue

  7. Si eres un mantenedor de proyecto, puedes asignar el informe de problemas a alguien, agregarlo a un tablero de proyecto, asociarlo con un hito, o aplicar una etiqueta.

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