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About task lists

You can use task lists to create a list of items with checkboxes within pull request and issue comments or Markdown files in your repository.

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Task lists render with clickable checkboxes in comments. You can select or unselect the checkboxes to mark them as complete or incomplete.

Task lists render as read-only checkboxes in Markdown files. People with write permissions in the repository can edit the file to select or unselect the checkboxes.

You can view task list summary information in issue and pull request lists, when the task list is in the initial comment.

Task list summary

Creating task lists

Para crear una lista de tareas, introduce los elementos de la lista con un caracter de espacio regular, seguido de [ ]. Para marcar una tarea como completada, utiliza [x].

- [x] Finish my changes
- [ ] Push my commits to GitHub
- [ ] Open a pull request

Lista de tareas generada

Reordering tasks

You can reorder task lists within a single comment by clicking to the left of a task's checkbox, dragging it to a new location, and dropping it. If you have multiple lists within a comment, you can reorder tasks across the single comment. You can't add or reorder tasks across different comments.

Reordered task list

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