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Automation for release forms with query parameters

To quickly create releases by auto-populating the new release form with customized information, you can add query parameters to the URL for the release form page.

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Query parameters are optional parts of a URL you can customize to share a specific web page view, such as search filter results, an issue template, or the release form page on GitHub. To create your own query parameters, you must match the key and value pair.

You must have the proper permissions for any action to use the equivalent query parameter. For example, you must have permission to create releases to pre-fill the releases form. For more information, see "Managing releases in a repository."

If you create an invalid URL using query parameters, or if you don’t have the proper permissions, the URL will return a 404 error page.

Supported query parameters

Query parameterExample
tag creates a release based on a tag named "v1.0.1".
target creates a release based on the latest commit to the "release-1.0.1" branch.
title creates a release named "octo-1.0.1" based on a tag named "v1.0.1".
body creates a release with the description "Adds widget support" in the release body.
prerelease creates a release that will be identified as non-production ready.

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