Using actions in GitHub AE

GitHub AE includes most of the GitHub-authored actions.

Note: GitHub Actions is currently in beta for GitHub AE.

GitHub Actions workflows can use actions, which are individual tasks that you can combine to create jobs and customize your workflow. You can create your own actions, or use and customize actions shared by the GitHub community.

Official actions bundled with GitHub AE

Most official GitHub-authored actions are automatically bundled with GitHub AE, and are captured at a point in time from Mercado GitHub. When your GitHub AE instance is updated, the bundled official actions are also updated.

The bundled official actions include actions/checkout, actions/upload-artifact, actions/download-artifact, actions/labeler, and various actions/setup- actions, among others. To see which of the official actions are included, browse to the following organizations on your instance:

  • https://HOSTNAME/actions
  • https://HOSTNAME/github

Each action's files are kept in a repository in the actions and github organizations. Each action repository includes the necessary tags, branches, and commit SHAs that your workflows can use to reference the action.

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