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Desplegar GitHub AE

Puedes desplegar GitHub AE en una región disponible para Azure.

Acerca del despliegue de GitHub AE

GitHub AE te permite mover tu carga de trabajo de DevOps a la nube mientras cumples con los requisitos de cumplimiento y seguridad más estrictos. Para obtener más información, consulta la sección "Acerca del GitHub AE".

Después de que compras o inicias un periodo de prueba de GitHub AE, puedes desplegar GitHub AE a una región disponible para Azure. Esta guía se refiere al recurso de Azure que contiene el despliegue de GitHub AE como la cuenta de GitHub AE. Utilizarás el portal de Azure en para desplegar la cuenta de GitHub AE.


  • Antes de que puedas desplegar GitHub AE, debes solicitar acceso desde tu equipo de cuenta de GitHub. GitHub habilitará el despliegue de GitHub AE para tu suscripción de Azure. If you haven't already purchased GitHub AE, you can contact Equipo de ventas de GitHub to check your eligibility for a trial.

  • You must have permission to perform the /register/action operation for the resource provider in Azure. The permission is included in the Contributor and Owner roles. For more information, see Azure resource providers and types in the Microsoft documentation.

Deploying GitHub AE with the Portal de Azure

The Portal de Azure allows you to deploy the GitHub AE account in your Azure resource group.

  1. Click one of the following two links to begin deployment of GitHub AE. The link you should click depends on the Azure cloud where you plan to deploy GitHub AE. For more information about Azure Government, see What is Azure Government? in the Microsoft documentation.

  2. To begin the process of adding a new GitHub AE account, click Create GitHub AE account.

  3. Complete the "Project details" and "Instance details" fields. Portal de Azure search result

    • Account name: The hostname for your enterprise
    • Administrator username: A username for the initial enterprise owner that will be created in GitHub AE
    • Administrator email: The email address that will receive the login information
  4. To review a summary of the proposed changes, click Review + create.

  5. After the validation process has completed, click Create.

The email address you entered above will receive instructions on how to access your enterprise. After you have access, you can get started by following the initial setup steps. Para obtener más información, consulta la sección "Inicializar GitHub AE".

Note: Software updates for your GitHub AE deployment are performed by GitHub. For more information, see "About upgrades to new releases."

You can use the Portal de Azure to navigate to your GitHub AE deployment. The resulting list includes all the GitHub AE deployments in your Azure region.

  1. On the Portal de Azure, in the left panel, click All resources.
  2. From the available filters, click All types, then deselect Select all and select GitHub AE: Portal de Azure search result

Pasos siguientes

  • Once your deployment has been provisioned, the next step is to initialize GitHub AE. Para obtener más información, consulta la sección "Inicializar GitHub AE".
  • If you're trying GitHub AE, you can upgrade to a full license at any time during the trial period by contacting contact Equipo de ventas de GitHub. If you haven't upgraded by the last day of your trial, then the deployment is automatically deleted. Si necesitas más tiempo para evaluar GitHub AE, contacta a Equipo de ventas de GitHub para solicitar una extensión.

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