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Keeping your actions up to date with Dependabot

You can use Dependabot to keep the actions you use updated to the latest versions.

Note: Dependabot security and version updates are currently in private beta and subject to change. To request access to the beta release, contact your account management team.

Nota: Tu administrador de sitio debe configurar el Dependabot para tu instancia de GitHub Enterprise Server antes de que puedas utilizar esta característica. Para obtener más información, consulta la sección "Configurar la seguridad y actualizaciones de versión del Dependabot en tu empresa".

About Actualizaciones de versión del dependabot for actions

Actions are often updated with bug fixes and new features to make automated processes more reliable, faster, and safer. When you enable Actualizaciones de versión del dependabot for GitHub Actions, Dependabot will help ensure that references to actions in a repository's workflow.yml file are kept up to date. For each action in the file, Dependabot checks the action's reference (typically a version number or commit identifier associated with the action) against the latest version. If a more recent version of the action is available, Dependabot will send you a pull request that updates the reference in the workflow file to the latest version. For more information about Actualizaciones de versión del dependabot, see "About Actualizaciones de versión del dependabot." For more information about configuring workflows for GitHub Actions, see "Learn GitHub Actions."

Enabling Actualizaciones de versión del dependabot for actions

  1. Crea un archivo de configuración dependabot.yml. If you have already enabled Actualizaciones de versión del dependabot for other ecosystems or package managers, simply open the existing dependabot.yml file.
  2. Specify "github-actions" as a package-ecosystem to monitor.
  3. Set the directory to "/" to check for workflow files in .github/workflows.
  4. Set a schedule.interval to specify how often to check for new versions.
  5. Revisa el archivo de configuración dependabot.yml en el directorio .github del repositorio. If you have edited an existing file, save your changes.

You can also enable Actualizaciones de versión del dependabot on forks. For more information, see "Enabling and disabling Dependabot version updates."

Example dependabot.yml file for GitHub Actions

The example dependabot.yml file below configures version updates for GitHub Actions. The directory must be set to "/" to check for workflow files in .github/workflows. The schedule.interval is set to "daily". After this file has been checked in or updated, Dependabot checks for new versions of your actions. Dependabot will raise pull requests for version updates for any outdated actions that it finds. After the initial version updates, Dependabot will continue to check for outdated versions of actions once a day.

# Set update schedule for GitHub Actions

version: 2

  - package-ecosystem: "github-actions"
    directory: "/"
      # Check for updates to GitHub Actions every weekday
      interval: "daily"

Configuring Actualizaciones de versión del dependabot for actions

When enabling Actualizaciones de versión del dependabot for actions, you must specify values for package-ecosystem, directory, and schedule.interval. There are many more optional properties that you can set to further customize your version updates. For more information, see "Configuration options for dependency updates."

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