Integrating with code scanning

You can integrate third-party code analysis tools with GitHub escaneo de código by uploading data as SARIF files.

Escaneo de código is available for organization-owned repositories where GitHub Advanced Security is enabled. For more information, see "About GitHub Advanced Security."

  • About integration with code scanning

    You can perform escaneo de código externally and then display the results in GitHub, or set up webhooks that listen to escaneo de código activity in your repository.

  • Uploading a SARIF file to GitHub

    Puedes cargar archivos SARIF de herramientas de análisis estático de terceros a GitHub y ver las alertas de escaneo de código en tu repositorio.

  • SARIF support for code scanning

    To display results from a third-party static analysis tool in your repository on GitHub, you'll need your results stored in a SARIF file that supports a specific subset of the SARIF 2.1.0 JSON schema for escaneo de código. If you use the default CodeQL static analysis engine, then your results will display in your repository on GitHub automatically.

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