Discounted subscriptions for GitHub accounts

GitHub provides discounts to students, educators, educational institutions, nonprofits, and libraries.

Tip: Discounts for GitHub do not apply to subscriptions for other paid products and features.

Discounts for personal accounts

In addition to the unlimited public and private repositories for students and faculty with GitHub Free, verified students can apply for the Paquete de desarrollo para estudiantes de GitHub to receive additional benefits from GitHub partners. For more information, see "Apply for a student developer pack."

Discounts for schools and universities

Verified academic faculty can apply for GitHub Team for teaching or academic research. For more information, see "Use GitHub in your classroom and research." You can also request educational materials goodies for your students. For more information, visit GitHub Education.

Discounts for nonprofits and libraries

GitHub provides free GitHub Team for organizations with unlimited private repositories, unlimited collaborators, and a full feature set to qualifying 501(c)3 (or equivalent) organizations and libraries. You can request a discount for your organization on our nonprofit page.

If your organization already has a paid subscription, your organization's last transaction will be refunded once your nonprofit discount has been applied.

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