When you add Jupyter Notebook or IPython Notebook files with a .ipynb extension on your GitHub Enterprise instance, they will render as static HTML files in your repository.

The interactive features of the notebook, such as custom JavaScript plots, will not work in your repository on your GitHub Enterprise instance. For an example, see Linking and Interactions.ipynb.

To view your Jupyter notebook with JavaScript content rendered or to share your notebook files with others you can use nbviewer. For an example, see Linking and Interactions.ipynb rendered on nbviewer.

To view a fully interactive version of your Jupyter Notebook, you can set up a notebook server locally. For more information, see Jupyter's official documentation.


If you're having trouble rendering Jupyter Notebook files in static HTML, you can convert the file locally on the command line by using the nbconvert command:

jupyter nbconvert --to html NOTEBOOK-NAME.ipynb

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