You can search wikis by using search qualifiers in any combination to narrow your search results.


  • This article contains example searches on the website, but you can use the same search filters on your GitHub Enterprise instance.
  • For a list of search syntaxes that you can add to any search qualifier to further improve your results, see "Understanding the search syntax".
  • Use quotations around multi-word search terms. For example, if you want to search for issues with the label "In progress," you'd search for label:"in progress". Search is not case sensitive.

Search within a user or organization's repositories

To find wiki pages from all repositories owned by a certain user or organization, use the user or org qualifier. To find wiki pages from a specific repository, use the repo qualifier.

Qualifier Example
user:USERNAME user:defunkt matches wiki pages from repositories owned by @defunkt.
org:ORGNAME org:github matches wikis in repositories owned by the GitHub organization.
repo:USERNAME/REPOSITORY repo:defunkt/gibberish matches wiki pages from @defunkt's "gibberish" repository.

Search within a wiki page title or body text

The in qualifier limits the search to the wiki page title or body text. Without the qualifier, both the title and body text are searched.

Qualifier Example
in:title usage in:title matches wiki page titles with the word "usage."
in:body installation in:body matches wiki pages with the word "installation" in their main body text.

Search by last updated date

The updated qualifier matches wiki pages that were last updated within the specified date range.

Dates support greater than, less than, and range qualifiers.

Qualifier Example
updated:YYYY-MM-DD usage updated:>2016-01-01 matches wiki pages with the word "usage" that were last updated after 2016-01-01.

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