You can use @mentions within any Jekyll page or post, just like you would in a comment or issue within a repository.

Setting up

To enable @mentions, you must add the following line to your site's _config.yml file:

  - jekyll-mentions

If you don't have a _config.yml file, you will need to create one in the root of your GitHub Pages repository. For more information, see Jekyll's official plugins documentation.


@mention a user within your Jekyll posts or pages as you would elsewhere on your GitHub Enterprise instance.

Note: @mentions link the mention to the user's GitHub Enterprise profile. However, they don't notify the user.

Testing locally

To preview the output of @mentions locally:

Note: @mentions are currently only supported in the page and post body. @mentions within includes, layouts, and other sources of content may not render properly.

For more information, see The Jekyll Mentions Gem.