If your GitHub Pages site isn't publishing certain files then you might need to reformat their titles. If you are using Jekyll you can create a .nojekyll file or edit the _config.yml file to publish these files.

By default, Jekyll does not build any files or directories that

  • are hidden or used for backup (indicated by names that start with . or #, or that end with ~);
  • contain site content (indicated by names that start with _); or
  • are excluded in the site configuration.

To work around this behavior, you can

  • include a .nojekyll file in the root path to turn off Jekyll;
  • use [the include directive][global-config] in your _config.yml to specify files that should not be ignored; or
  • do not use file or directory names that start with an underscore (_), period (.), or hash symbol (#), or that end with a tilde (~).

If you add a .nojekyll file, your source files will be published without any modifications. Do not use this option if you want Jekyll to process them.