Your GitHub Enterprise profile shows off your most popular repositories and repositories you've worked on recently as well as a graph of your repository contributions over the past year.

What counts as a contribution

On your profile page, certain actions count as contributions:

  • Committing to a repository's default branch or gh-pages branch
  • Opening an issue
  • Proposing a pull request

Contributions only count if they were made within the past year.

Popular repositories

This section displays your repositories with the most watchers.

Popular repositories

Repositories contributed to

This section displays repositories you've contributed to ranked by the type, number, and time of contribution.

Repositories contributed to

Contributions calendar

Your contributions calendar shows your contribution activity over the past year.

Viewing contributions from specific times

  • Click on a day's square to show the contributions made during that 24-hour period.
  • Press Shift and click on another day's square to show contributions made during that timespan.

Note: You can select up to a one-month range on your contributions calendar. If you select a larger timespan, we will only display one month of contributions.

Your contributions graph

How contribution event times are calculated

Timestamps are calculated differently for commits and pull requests:

  • Commits use the time zone information in the commit timestamp.
  • Pull requests and issues opened on GitHub Enterprise use your browser's time zone. Those opened via the API use the timestamp or time zone specified in the API call.

Contribution activity

The contribution activity section shows a timeline of your commits, proposed pull requests, and open issues. You can change its timespan by clicking the dropdown on the right side of the page.

Contribution activity time filter