The README has always held the spotlight in a GitHub Enterprise repository. You can define relative links in your README to help readers navigate to other files in your repository.

A relative link is a link that is relative to the current file. For example, if your README is at the root of your repository, and you have another file in docs/, the relative link to in your README might look like this:

[Read more words!](docs/

GitHub Enterprise will automatically transform your relative links based on whatever branch you're currently on, so that the link always works. All relative link operands (like ./ and ../) are supported. You can also provide relative paths for images!

It is not recommended that you create absolute links in your READMEs with workarounds that refer to the URL, like this:

[Absolute README link](https://hostname/username/repo/blob/branch/docs/

Users cloning your repository will have a much harder time getting the links to work than expected.