If your GitHub Enterprise username is not appearing in a repository's contributors graph, it may be because you are not one of the top 100 contributors, you have unmerged commits, or your email address hasn't been added to your GitHub Enterprise account.

Repository contributors list length

The repository contributors graph only shows the top 100 contributors to the repository by commits. Your username may not be displayed if you aren't one of the top 100 commit contributors.

Tip: To see all commit contributors to a repository, use the GitHub Enterprise API.

Commits were not made to the default branch

The repository contributors graph only shows contributors who have committed to the default branch of the repository. If you only have commits on an unmerged branch, you will not show up on the graph. To have your commits merged, you can open a pull request.

Commits made to the gh-pages branch will not be reflected in the repository contributors graph unless gh-pages is the repository's default branch.

Account linking

If you haven't added your local Git configuration email to your GitHub Enterprise account, your commits will not be linked to your account and you will not show up in the repository contributors graph. For more information, see "Why are my contributions not showing up on my profile?"