Besides our Bootcamp articles, there are literally thousands of excellent Git and GitHub resources on the web. A smaller and curated set of links that our users tell us are the most helpful are as follows.


The Official Git Site

The Git homepage offers a search through all Git commands and Git binary downloads for all supported platforms.

Git Cheat Sheets

We have Git cheat sheets in several different languages, available on our training site.

Online Git Tutorials

Git Immersion provides a full length Git tutorial.

Git - The Simple Guide is a single-page site that gently walks through the basics of Git.

Video Tutorials

Video based walkthroughs of Git commands and features are available on the YouTube GitHubGuides Channel.

Git Reference

Git Reference is another official Git resource, providing quick instructions for using common commands.


For students seeking deeper Git knowledge, ProGit is a thorough open source book from Scott Chacon. It can be viewed online or downloaded in ePub, Mobi, or PDF formats.

Git Workflows

The workflow used at GitHub is described by Scott Chacon and the specifics of using Pull Requests is further detailed on the GitHub blog.

Try Git

This browser-based interactive Git tutorial has 25 challenges and has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands new Git users. Try Git today!

Git Real

This interactive online Git course by Code School has seven levels with dozens of individual exercises in a fun game format.

Training Events

Free Classes

GitHub sponsors a monthly free one-hour introductory-level class via a live webinar. We also offer regular webinars on some of the most requested topics from our users.

GitHub's Web-based Educational Programs

GitHub offers regular live trainings with a hands-on, project based approach for those who love the command line, and those who don't.

Training For Your Company

GitHub offers on-site Git and GitHub training from some of the world's best-known Git educators. Our official GitHub Training web site outlines the most common class topics. Drop us a line with any of your training class planning questions.