Organizations are great for creating distinct groups of users within your company, such as divisions or groups working on similar projects. Public repositories that belong to an organization are accessible to users in other organizations, while private repositories are inaccessible to anyone but members of the organization.

Creating organizations

You can choose to set up a new organization or convert an existing personal account into an organization.

Creating teams

Teams give organizations the ability to create groups of members and control access to repositories. Team members can be granted read, write, or admin permissions to specific repositories.

Adding people to teams

Once a team has been created, organization admins can add users from your GitHub Enterprise instance to the team and determine which repositories they have access to.

Removing users from teams and organizations

If a member of your organization no longer requires access to certain repositories, you can remove them from the team that allows that access. If a member of your organization no longer requires access to any repositories owned by the organization, you can remove them from the organization.

Preventing users from creating organizations

You can prevent users from creating organizations on your GitHub Enterprise appliance.