If you're receiving web notifications, you'll see participating and watching notifications on GitHub Enterprise.

Note: If you receive both web and email notifications, you can "share" the state of the notification by automatically marking web notifications as read once you've read the corresponding email notification. To enable this shared state, you must be able to view images from 'the no-reply email address configured by your site administrator'.

On GitHub Enterprise, the notifications overview shows you notifications for each repository you're watching and also includes notifications for conversations you're participating in. For more information, see "Accessing your notifications."

Note: To access the notifications overview, you must have web notifications set up. For more information on enabling web notifications, see "Choosing the delivery method for your notifications."

You can click on a notification in your notifications overview to be redirected to the issue or pull request the notification is referencing. From your notifications overview, you can also mark notifications as read and unsubscribe from threads.

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