GitHub Enterprise is distributed as a virtual machine that's installed and configured on a supported virtualization platform of your choice.

If you have an existing GitHub Enterprise v11.10.34x installation, upgrading to GitHub Enterprise 2.0 requires migrating data to a new virtual machine and storage. The migration process can also be used to move from VMware or VirtualBox to Amazon Web Services. See "Migrating to a different platform or from GitHub Enterprise v11.10.34x" for more information and detailed migration instructions after reviewing basic installation instructions for your target platform.

Installing GitHub Enterprise on AWS

Basic installation on AWS requires using the EC2 management tools to launch an instance of the GitHub Enterprise AMI. The instance may be launched into either EC2-Classic or your organization's VPC. To store Git repositories, databases, and other application data, you must create and attach a separate EBS root volume.

Installing GitHub Enterprise on OpenStack KVM

To install GitHub Enterprise on OpenStack KVM, you must have OpenStack access and download the GitHub Enterprise QCOW2 image.

Installing GitHub Enterprise on VMware

To install GitHub Enterprise on VMWare, you must download the VMWare vSphere client, and then download and deploy the GitHub Enterprise software.

Migrating to a different platform or from GitHub Enterprise 11.10.34x

Migrating to a different platform or upgrading from GitHub Enterprise 11.10.348 requires setting up a new appliance instance and migrating data from the previous instance using the GitHub Enterprise Backup Utilities.