When you change your GitHub Enterprise username, most references to your repositories under the old user name automatically change to the new username. However, some links to your profile won't automatically redirect.

Changes that occur automatically

When you change your username, GitHub Enterprise automatically redirects references to your repositories. Web links to your existing repositories will continue to work. This can take a few minutes to complete after you initiate the change.

Technically, you'll also be able to continue pushing your local repositories to the old remote tracking URL without updating it. However, we recommend you update all existing remote repository URLs after changing your username. Because your old username is available for use by anyone else after you change it, that person would be able to create repositories that override the redirect entries.

Your previous Git commits will also be correctly attributed to your new username. However, if you change the email address in your local Git configuration settings, you will need to add the new email address to your GitHub Enterprise account.

Changes that aren't automatic

After changing your username, links to your previous profile page, such as https://[hostname]/previoususername, will return a 404 error. For this reason, you'll want to update links to your GitHub Enterprise account from elsewhere.

GitHub Enterprise also cannot set up a redirect for:

  • @mentions using your old username
  • Links to Gists with your old username

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