GitHub Enterprise uses rsyslog to forward system and application logs to the server you specify in the Management Console settings.

Any log collection system that supports syslog-style log streams is supported (e.g., logstash and splunk).

Enabling log forwarding

  1. On the Management Console settings page, in the left sidebar, click Monitoring.
  2. Select Enable log forwarding.
  3. In the Server address field, type the address of the server to which you'd like to forward logs.
  4. In the Protocol dropdown menu, select the protocol to use to communicate with the log server.

Warning: If you use the TCP or RELP protocols, a misconfigured or unreachable log server may cause your GitHub Enterprise appliance to become unresponsive. We recommend using UDP and testing changes in a non-production environment first.


If you run into issues with log forwarding, contact GitHub Enterprise support and attach the output file from http(s)://[hostname]/setup/diagnostics to your email.