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Commit exists on GitHub but not in my local clone

to your local clone without making any changes to the files you have checked out.

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Renaming a branch

will need to update the clone.

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Quickstart for building GitHub Apps

Clone the github/github-app-js-sample repository. For more information, see "Cloning a repository.

GitHub Codespaces / Reference /

Disaster recovery for GitHub Codespaces

In the event of a GitHub Codespaces outage, you can still clone the repository locally or edit files in the GitHub browser editor.

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GitHub glossary

Also see "dirty". clone A clone is a copy of a repository that lives on your computer instead of on a website's server somewhere, or the act

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Cloning a repository

clone. $ git clone > Cloning into `Spoon-Knife`...

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Cloning and forking repositories from GitHub Desktop

At the bottom of the "Clone a Repository" window, click Clone.

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Troubleshooting cloning errors

; Cloning into 'repo'...

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Forking and cloning gists

" To clone a gist, select the Embed dropdown menu, then click Clone via HTTPS or Clone via SSH.

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About remote repositories

" Cloning with HTTPS URLs The https:// clone URLs are available on all repositories, regardless of visibility. https:// clone URLs work even if you