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GitHub Education / GitHub Classroom / Integrate with an IDE /

Integrate GitHub Classroom with an IDE

necessary software. After a student accepts an assignment with an IDE, the README file in the student's assignment repository will contain a button to open

Account and profile / Profiles / Customizing your profile /

Setting your profile to private

is private, some optional fields are still publicly visible, such as the README, biography, and profile photo. Changes to reporting on your activities By

Building communities / Healthy contributions /

About community profiles for public repositories

to see if a project includes recommended community health files, such as README, CODE_OF_CONDUCT, LICENSE, or CONTRIBUTING, in a supported location. For

Building communities / Healthy contributions /

Adding support resources to your project

to your SUPPORT file from other places in your repository, such as your README file. Adding support resources to your project On, navigate to

Code security / Code scanning / Create advanced setup /

Running CodeQL code scanning in a container

on GitHub's runner images. For more information, see the version-specific readme files in these locations: Linux:

GitHub Education / GitHub Classroom / Integrate with an IDE /

Using GitHub Codespaces with GitHub Classroom

using GitHub Codespaces When a student opens an assignment, the repository's README file includes their teacher's recommendation of the IDE they should use

Get started / Using Git /

About Git

information, see "Hello World." Do not initialize the repository with a README, .gitignore or License file. This empty repository will await your code

GitHub CLI / GitHub CLI /

Using GitHub CLI extensions

can usually find specific information about how to use an extension in the README of the repository that contains the extension. Viewing installed extensions

Code security / Getting started /

Adding a security policy to your repository

other places in your repository, such as your README file. For more information, see "About READMEs." After someone reports a security vulnerability

GitHub Packages / Learn GitHub Packages /

Connecting a repository to a package

landing page will show information and links from the repository, such as the README. You can also choose to have the package inherit its access permissions