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Migrations / Import source code / Command line /

Importing a Team Foundation Version Control repository

on To avoid errors, do not initialize the new repository with README, license, or gitignore files. You can add these files after your project

Repositories / Manage repository settings /

Customizing your repository

your repository appears by customizing your repository. About READMEs You can add a README file to your repository to tell other people why your project

GitHub Actions / Creating actions /

Releasing and maintaining actions

to your action: Maintain a README with plenty of usage examples and guidance. For more information, see "About READMEs." Include a workflow status

Get started / Onboarding /

Getting started with GitHub Enterprise Cloud

" 4. Creating a README for the enterprise To help people understand what is happening in your enterprise, you should create a README. For example, you

Repositories / Create & manage repositories /

Cloning a repository

no files. It's often made if you don't initialize the repository with a README when creating it. On, navigate to the main page of the repository

GitHub Issues / Projects / Learning about Projects /

Sharing project updates

updates can be found on your project's side panel, below the description and README. You can read the most recent update at the top and the full history of

GitHub Discussions /

Quickstart for GitHub Discussions

that are relevant to the repository. You can also update the repository's README to communicate expectations on when collaborators should open an issue or

GitHub Desktop / Overview /

Creating your first repository using GitHub Desktop

repository. Initialize this repository with a README creates an initial commit with a file. READMEs helps people understand the purpose of your

Account and profile / Profiles / Customizing your profile /

Setting your profile to private

is private, some optional fields are still publicly visible, such as the README, biography, and profile photo. Changes to reporting on your activities By

GitHub Packages / Learn GitHub Packages /

Publishing a package

connected to more than one package. To prevent confusion, make sure the README and description clearly provide information about each package. If a new