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Repositories / Branches and merges / Configure PR merges /

Configuring commit merging for pull requests

" Further reading "About pull request merges" "Merging a pull request"

Pull requests / Collaborate with pull requests / Review changes /

Reviewing proposed changes in a pull request

In the list of pull requests, click the pull request you'd like to review. On the pull request, click Files changed.

Pull requests / Collaborate with pull requests / Working with forks /

Allowing changes to a pull request branch created from a fork

" Pull request authors can give these permissions when they initially create a pull request from a user-owned fork or after they create the pull request

REST API / Pulls /


the pull request.

Get started / Using GitHub /

Keyboard shortcuts

issues or pull requests search bar.

REST API / Overview /

Permissions required for fine-grained personal access tokens

;Pull requests" GET /repos/{owner}/{repo}/milestones/{milestone_number}/labels read Repository permissions for "Pull requests" Repository

REST API / Overview /

Permissions required for GitHub Apps

;Pull requests" PATCH /repos/{owner}/{repo}/milestones/{milestone_number} write UATIAT Repository permissions for "Pull requests" DELETE

Code security / Dependabot / Dependabot security updates /

About Dependabot security updates

For more information about Dependabot pull requests, see "Managing pull requests for dependency updates.

Get started / Writing on GitHub / Work with advanced formatting /

Autolinked references and URLs

" Issues and pull requests Within conversations on GitHub, references to issues and pull requests are automatically converted to shortened links.

GitHub Issues / Projects / Managing items in your project /

Adding items to your project

Paste the URL of the issue or pull request. To add the issue or pull request, press Return.