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Removing an outside collaborator from an organization project (classic)

As an organization owner or classic project admin, you can remove an outside collaborator's access to a classic project.


  • Projects, the all-new projects experience, is now available. For more information about Projects, see "About Projects" and for information about migrating your classic project, see "Migrating from Projects (classic)."
  • You can only create a new classic project board for an organization, user, or repository that already has at least one classic project board. If you're unable to create a classic project board, create a project board instead.
  1. In the top right corner of, click your profile photo, then click Your organizations. Your organizations in the profile menu
  2. Click the name of your organization. Organization name in list of organizations
  3. Under your organization name, click Projects. Projects tab for your organization
  4. Click Projects (classic)
  5. In the projects list, click the name of the classic project. Select project
  6. On the top-right side of the classic project, click Menu.
  7. Click , then click Settings. Settings option in drop-down menu from project board sidebar
  8. In the left sidebar, click Collaborators. Collaborators menu option in left sidebar
  9. Next to the collaborator you want to remove, click X. "X" removal icon next to collaborator's username