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These terms apply to Customers who licensed the Products prior to January 4, 2021. Customers who purchase GitHub Products after that date are directed to for current terms.

The Agreement consists of these GitHub AE Product Specific Terms, the General Terms that Customer accepted, and any additional terms GitHub or its Affiliates present when an order is placed.

1. Accounts.

Account Responsibility. Customer controls and is responsible for End User accounts and Content.

Account Security. Customer is responsible for maintaining the security of its account login credentials.

Use Policies. Customer’s End Users must comply with the Acceptable Use Policy.

Suspension. GitHub may suspend use of the Online Service during any period of Customer’s material breach.

Access. GitHub does not access Customer Content unless required for support matters or security purposes.

DMCA. GitHub has a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Takedown Policy which applies to copyright infringement claims.

2. Content.

Ownership of Content. Customer owns Content it creates and will fully comply with any third-party licenses relating to Content that Customer posts.

License Grant to GitHub. Unless Customer Content comes with a separate license granting GitHub the rights it needs to run the Online Service, Customer grants to GitHub the right to use Customer Content and make incidental copies as necessary to provide the Online Service or support, or for security reasons. In addition, GitHub may be compelled by law to disclose Customer Content.

3. Non-GitHub Products.

GitHub may make non-GitHub products available through the Online Service. If Customer uses any non-GitHub products with the Online Service, Customer may not do so in any way that would subject GitHub’s intellectual property to obligations beyond those expressly included in the Agreement. GitHub assumes no responsibility or liability for any non-GitHub products. Customer’s use of non-GitHub products is governed by the terms between Customer and the publisher of the non-GitHub products (if any).

4. Support and SLA.

The Online Service includes Support and the SLA.

5. Data Protection and Security.

The terms of the Data Protection Agreement apply to the Online Service.

6. Notices.

Notices to GitHub must be sent to: GitHub, Inc. Attn: Legal Dept., 88 Colin P. Kelly St, San Francisco, CA 94107 USA.

7. Definitions.

Acceptable Use Policy” means, when purchasing from GitHub, the Acceptable Use Policy available on Site-Policy and when purchasing from Microsoft, the Acceptable Use Policy in the Microsoft Online Services Terms.

Content” means text, data, software, images and any other materials that are displayed or otherwise made available through the Online Service.

Customer Content” means Content that Customer creates, owns, or to which Customer holds the rights.

Data Protection Agreement” means the GitHub AE Data Protection Agreement, available on

Digital Millennium Copyright Act Takedown Policy” means GitHub’s process for handling notices of copyright infringement, available on

SLA” means GitHub’s uptime commitment for the Online Service, available on

Support” means GitHub’s Premium Plus Support program, further described on

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